Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


This study aimed to identify the role of transformational leadership in its various dimensions (the ideal effect of leadership, inspiring motivation, intellectual stimulation and individual consideration) in achieving the organizational commitment of the employees of the income and sales tax department. The questionnaire was distributed to all individuals working in leadership and supervisory positions in this department. The total number of members was 142 and 129 responses were retrieved, of which 121 were valid for statistical analysis) i.e. 85.2%(. This study relied on the analytical descriptive approach and the method of field study to collect the data needed to complete it. The statistical software for social sciences SPSS was used in analyzing the study data and testing hypotheses. The descriptive statistics were used to present the study questions. The normal distribution tests and the simple regression analysis were used to test their hypotheses. The study found that the administration of the income tax department is distinguished by using the transformational leadership style in its various dimensions (the ideal effect of leadership, inspiring motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individual consideration), The results of the study showed that transformational leadership in its different dimensions contributes In achieving the organizational commitment of individuals. The study recommends the need for the department of research adopting the employees with leadership traits and taking into consideration when selecting and hearing leaders availability of Transformational Leadership characteristics in them , also the study recommends need to be strengthened the organizational Commitment between the employees through their participation in decision making.