Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


This study expanded in the contents of the contemporarily marketing strategy which is stealth marketing as a result of evolution in the context of the work of contemporary marketing organizations and the urgent need to leave the traditional methods of marketing activity that is no longer going to work to achieve multiple objectives, which stands in the forefront of creating demand by influencing customer behavior, Where it is stealth marketing as a collar strategy to survive for many contemporary out of the crisis, the reluctance of the customer in the new millennium businesses and not convinced, including displays of media promotional traditional become excite boredom has thus no longer able to achieve the desired impact in the mind of the customer and thus reflection on preferences and decisions of purchasing, was compelled to search for means more incidents in the mind of the customer and better able to stimulate the direction of the products offered, which tried to present study verified by adopting a marketing strategy hidden variable explaining the changes that occur in the purchasing behavior of the customer as a variable responsive, and in order to test the dialectical relationship between these two variables was adopted questionable embodies a problem in the study the feasibility of using stealth marketing to enhance the purchasing behavior strategy. A random sample research consists of (200) customers in (Family Mall) the biggest and the most modern shopping Center in Kurdistan Rejoin, and used the questionnaire as chair of the tool to collect data and information on the practical side, and analyzed them by using the package software (SPSS. Ver-19), and depending on the conclusions reached by the researcher a number of proposals were made, most notably the need to focus some of the stealth marketing methods (and in particular those that yielded the results of the study on the effectiveness) to convince the customer and influence his decisions purchasing power and thus the inevitability leave or reduce dependence on traditional methods of persuasion within the promotional activity for local companies