Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


The study aimed to scientific analysis for practices and applications of administrations human resources in the commercial bank in Saudi Arabia while positions of the polarization and the choice hang in, and also arrival for stages and descriptive for the steps and the employed examples for operations of the polarization and the choice, and exploration of strategic agreement, and applications the practical polarization the scientific choice with the bases and the directions in financial services of organizations, to achieve the above objectives, the descriptive method has been used, and the personal interview has been followed to collect the primary data through directing the questions to the sample of the study, and information of the study get from the commercial bank (Rajehi, Al-Ahli, Riyadh, Samba, Al-Inma, Al-Bilad). After conducting data analysis, the study concluded with various outcomes, the most important of the results is that all polarization operation is done by special section in the bank specially for this operation, also human strength specialized is scientific self of preparation suitable straightens in operations of the polarization, and the operations of the choice are complete in the commercial banks the patriot by means of section the responsible employment about the polarization, and the arrival was complete until all banks be interested in the personal appearance during operation of the choice and that decision of the choice takes in collective form. The most important suggestion and recommendations of this study are that the need for taking the functional describer the stubborn rising in operations of the polarization and the choice and take it as the strategic basis followed, also the need for the interest in continuation and evaluation and national development of operations the choice in the commercial banks, and the need for the interest in sources of the polarization especially the electronic polarization, and feels it for reduction the problems which faced her ironing increases efficient her, at the end the researcher recommended that there is a need to conduct more researches related to the subject of the study due to scarcity of such researches in the local environment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.