Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


Due to the leadership role in the life of organizations, many scientists and researchers have conducted studies to identify the characteristics of leaders and the roles they play and their impact on their organizations. Strategic leadership is one of the relatively recent trends in administrative literature. Strategies cannot be formulated and implemented to achieve the desired objectives without presence of highly qualified strategic leaders. This study aimed to know the reality of the strategic leadership among the academic leaders at King Saud University by define the extent to which the academic leaders agreed on the availability of their strategic leadership skills (intellectual, behavioral and technical),and to detect the difficulties while practicing strategic leadership. As well as to know ways to strengthen the strategic leadership of the academic leadership at the university. In order to achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher used descriptive survey. The research sample consists of all academic leaders in the university. The total number was 235 leaders including both male and female. A comprehensive survey was done for all members of the study community where the study tool was distributed to them all. The researcher was able to retrieve (118) completed questionnaire valid for the analysis process. The study concluded that strategic leadership skills were available among the academic leaders at King Saud University, but the main difficulties were the lack of time available due to preoccupation with many procedures and operational details. As for enhancing their practice of strategic leadership, the strategic academic leaders of the university believe that giving them more power and drawing up a policy to provide them material and moral motivations based on their contribution to the implementation of the strategic plan on one hand, on the other hand, according to the innovative developmental visions in their working field. One of the main recommendations of the study is to review the financial policies in relation to the strategic plans in order to increase their effectiveness and not to interfere with protection of public funds, and to create a policy to motivate academic leaders and encourage them to continue the practice of strategic leadership and the need to conduct training courses in strategic management to increase the efficiency and abilities of employees.