Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


The research aims to identify the role of host leadership through its dimensions of (heroism, server and host) in reducing the phenomenon of organizational cynicism and through its (cognitive, emotional and behavioral dimensions). In light of the objective, the problem is summarized by a series of questions: What is the level of leadership practice in the Colleges and institutes in which leadership roles are discussed? What is the level of the existence of the phenomenon of organizational cynicism in the colleges and institutes? Is there a correlation and a significant impact between the host leadership and organizational cynicism in the colleges and institutes investigated? The importance of research appears in diagnosing the levels of organizational cynicism in the investigated colleges and institutes also in explaining the roles of host leadership in reducing the organizational cynicism. Moreover, as a mechanism for this research in achieving its objectives, four main hypotheses were developed for this purpose. The research was based on a inductive method (descriptive and analytical). The data were collected by means of the questionnaire and were distributed to a random sample of 60 persons representing the faculty and staff in the colleges and institutes, 57 questionnaires were returned with a response rate of 95%. Data were statistically treated by statistical package (SPSS: V. 22). The results of the study indicate that there is a negative correlation between host leadership and the dimensions of the organizational cynicism at the macro level, as well as the existence of relationships of significant influence of host leadership in the organizational cynicism at the macro level of the respondents. The research presented a number of proposals, the most important of which are: administrative leaders of the responding organizations should pay attention to the balance between adopting different leadership styles and avoiding the exercise of authoritarian leadership roles in order to ensure that employees reach their professional goals and give them the authority to make decisions related to their daily tasks and activities. Leaders in the organizations investigated should handle their employees’ mistakes without negative reactions as a preventive means to address the reasons for the emergence of organizational cynicism and reduce their levels in that organizations.