Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


Technological capabilities play a key role in enhancing organizational performance and making the organization a leader in its industry through professional work procedures and processes. In addition to modern techniques and approaches that lead to organizational ambidexterity, which will in turn help the organization explore new opportunities in order to achieve its organizational goals and to stay ahead of its competitors. Based on the above, this research addresses (the role of technological capabilities in enhancing the dimensions of organizational ambidexterity). The research develops a number of hypotheses and sub-hypotheses that indicate the relationship between technology capabilities and dimensions of organizational ambidexterity, based on the diagnosis of the variables and examining the correlations and influence. Furthermore, one of the key findings of the research is considering technological capabilities one of the crucial means for achieving organizational ambidexterity. Finally, the researcher recommends providing training for the employees in order to explore and exploit new opportunities.