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Information hiding based on digital images is still the mainstream now. In this paper, using first-order transformation of GHM multi-wavelet, carrier image is decomposed into four components of lowest resolution sub-image. These four components are processed by ASA (Annulus Sector Analysis) to obtain embedding areas. Information hiding follows two rules: First, satisfies four components energy distributed feature of GHM multi-wavelet first-order sub-images. That means embedding robust parameters LL1 in, embedding pre-hiding information by RAID4 method in LH1 and HL1 , embedding fragile identifier HH1 in. Second, use two or more annulus to embed data symmetrically. Moreover, using Logistic chaotic map and genetic algorithm to adjust sequence of embedded data and LSB is checked by MSB. Experimental results show that the invisibility of this scheme is of 3.65% average increase and excellent perception to distortion. Robustness is improved by 11.06% at least. This scheme has a good robustness against, cutting, mean and medium filteringespecially can completely resist rotation.

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