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Search engine interfaces are an important connection between user and Internet information and also the intermediary with which users most frequently interact. The mainstream Web 2.0, with its participatory nature, allows users to play an active role in contributing, creating contents, and sharing information all through user interfaces. Our proposed Surfrom system is a Meta search engine interface that meets user preferences and shares knowledge of edited search results in the current Web 2.0 trends. Surfrom is designed and developed with the community concept and is also user-centered, as the core of its design is to provide every Surfrom searcher with integrated search results and various search engine functions. Following the findings or Surfrom validation, users state that personalized search engine interfaces are helpful to acquire and collect information in searching. With integrated search results and the concept of interaction and sharing, the process convenience of using search engines is also increased. The willingness to use the Surfrom search engine is high.

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