Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences

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(L,⊗)-Fuzzy (S,T)-Soft Ideal and (L,⊗)-Fuzzy (S,T)-Soft Ideal Base


The aim of our paper is to introduce the concepts of (L,⊗)-fuzzy (S,T)-soft ideal and (L,⊗)-fuzzy (S,T)-soft ideal base and study many of their characteristics. We point out that every (L,⊗)-fuzzy (S,T)-soft ideal induces in a natural way an (L,⊗)-fuzzy (S,T)-soft co-topology. We prove the existence of the products of (L,⊗)-fuzzy (S,T)-soft ideals. Also, we investigate the image of (L, ⊗)-fuzzy (S, T )-soft ideals.