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The moving target detection with HF radar must go through four steps of signal processing, namely pre-processing, range processing, azimuth processing and subsequent processing. Pre-processing is mainly the low-pass filtering and signal sampling. Range processing, which is used to produce the initial distance information, mainly includes the low-pass filter processing and fast Fourier transform (FFT). Azimuth processing is by using the adaptive beamforming, which in compliance with the linearly constrained minimum variance benchmark, to do the weighted processing; then by doing another FFT, to get a formula with a delta function and a Sinc function, this formula contains the moving target distance, direction and frequency information. Subsequent processing should use some of the high-resolution processing or CFAR technique. These steps of signal processing were verified by measured data. Understanding these processing steps, we can optimize certain aspects according to actual needs, to realize the purpose of high frequency radar monitoring large area.

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