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In order to adapt to all kinds of spectral mask and utilize the full frequency band and avoid interference to/from the existing wireless systems for ultra wideband (UWB), this paper investigates two pulse designs for ultra wideband-cognitive radio (UWB-CR) by using multiple modified transform domain communication system (M-TDCS). By applying multiple M-TDCS and installing a different power scale factor to each sub-band with about 1-2GHz, the first flexible and implementable pulse is generated. By using a combination of the multiple M-TDCS and compressed chirp waveform, the second pulse is accomplished. The two new pulses each can be implemented by surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices and some other accessorial devices as well, moreover, comparing with the seventh order derivative of Gaussian pulse, the bit error ratio (BER) performance by using these two pulses can be observably improved 2-3dB for UWB systems. For BER performance, the second pulse is better, but it is more complex.

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