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For the deficiency of High Level Architecture (HLA), it is not well suited for large-scale distributed simulation systems. To enhance the capability of HLA and satisfy the new requirements of large-scale distributed simulations, an efficient and secure cloudbased distributed simulation system, namely CDS, based on the cloud computing technology and HLA is proposed. CDS provides a service-oriented simulation support environment. It can provide users with on-demand simulation resources, run simulations on the wide area network efficiently, realize share and reuse of simulation resources, improve load balancing capability of the simulation, and provide security guarantee. Compared with previous simulation grid systems, CDS is efficient, secure, universal and practical. From the view of technical implementation, key technologies of CDS are described in details. These technologies include: (1) an agent-based invoking and callback strategy in simulation run-time infrastructure, (2) resource management and scheduling schemes in management center, (3) an efficient security scheme. Through developing CDS and a practical simulation application on it, the performance of CDS is evaluated and the results demonstrate the proposed system functionalities.

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