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Cart Inverted Pendulum (CIP) system is a benchmark problem in nonlinear automatic control. It is commonly used to verify the robustness of any proposed nonlinear controller. CIP is mostly represented by two second order differential equations to avoid complexity due to the DC motor dynamics. This representation is not practical for the real CIP dynamics and might lead to instability. Therefore in this paper, two third-order differential equations were derived to combine the pendulum system and DC motor dynamics to have a more realistic mathematical model. Friction between the cart and rail was included in the system equations through a nonlinear friction model. To stabilize the obtained nonlinear electromechanical CIP model, a third-order Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller (FSMC) was designed. The chattering of the control signal was eliminated using general bill shape membership functions for the Fuzzy controller. Simulation results proved the robustness of the proposed FSMC over Linear Quadratic Regulator Controller (LQRC). For instant, the overshoot in the cart position response was reduced by 300%.

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