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Since the inception of Web 3D technology, we have seen an evolution of human interaction in virtual space. Today, we can manipulate 3D products, but we cannot see ourselves interacting with those products. Recognizing that to experience features and benefits of virtual products fully, NARKii.com technology offers potential customers the ability to see themselves wearing, rearranging, and using products in a virtual environment. This paper describes the technologies that support the creation of 3D products, and the creation of a personalized 3D ”avatar” that can interact with those products. In addition, it describes a business model and methodology for developing a 3D virtual commercial website based on NARKii.com technologies. As the first worldwide 3D e-commerce platform, NARKii.com (http://www.NARKii.com) released its beta version on April 19 2009, following by a major revision in October 2009. The Page Ranking value jumps from one in Dec 1, 2009 to 5 in April 5, 2010. It has attracted over one million customers by now to the website.

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