Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences

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Rabat- Maroc


Statistical steganalysis schemes detect the existence of secret information embedded by steganography. The χ 2 detection and Regular-Singular (RS)-attack methods are two well known statistical steganalysis schemes used against LSB (least significant bit) steganography. The embedded message length can be estimated accurately by these two steganalysis schemes. For secret communication, the resistance of steganography against steganalysis is very important for information security. To avoid the enemy’s attempts, the statistical features between stego-images and cover images should be as similar as possible for better resistance to steganalysis. To ensure the security against the RS and χ 2 analysis, we presents in this paper a new steganographic method based on graph coloring problem (GCP). Before embedding the secret message in LSB (least significant bit) of the cover image, we use a (GCP) algorithm to locate the optimal positions of the pixels in the cover image. Thus, the existence of the secret message is hard to be detected by the RS analysis. Meanwhile, better visual quality can be achieved by the proposed algorithm. The experimental results demonstrate the proposed algorithm’s effectiveness in resistance to steganalysis with better visual quality

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