Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences

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Chongqing 400044 P. R. China


In numerous TCP congestion control algorithms, TCP Vegas avoids congestion on its own initiative. However, its quick ending of slow-start and unsmooth growing cause the congest in window designing which makes it too small and bandwidth utilization decline too rapidly, even affecting network efficiency and reducing throughput ...etc. Targeted at the deficiencies, we propose a kind of Logarithmic Slow-Start Algorithm of TCP Vegas (LSSA-TCP Vegas) to conduct the dynamics of congestion window. We analyze the stability condition from the theory via the Nyquist stability criterion and study the issue such as convergence of the algorithm and configuration parameters. Our goal in this paper is to study and compare the performance of LSSA-TCP Vegas and other TCP congestion control algorithms under various network conditions. The simulation results demonstrate that the algorithm, compared with the bug of TCP Vegas, contains obvious improvements. We believe that Logarithmic Slow-Start Algorithm will provide a better performance of TCP Vegas

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