Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences

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Guangzhou 510225 P. R. China


To deal with concurrent requests, thread pool technology is wildly used in multi-task real-time systems whose chief demand is timeout avoidance. In order to reduce requesting timeout ratio, least square support vector machine(LS-SVM) algorithm whose parameters optimization was based on hybrid quantum-behaved particle swarm optimization(HQPSO) was applied to estimate the execution time of requests. Also, a scheduling priority algorithm of thread pool was designed based on the estimation results. In performance test, a node of wireless sensor network is implemented to test the requesting timeout ratio of HQPSO LS-SVM based on thread pool and other ones in different states. Test result indicates that HQPSO LS-SVM based on thread pool has remarkable superiority of timeout avoidance while the thread amount of thread pool is set properly.

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