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A new intelligent levelling system was applied to the suspended access platform (SAP), and a Same Orientation Pursuit Strategy (SOPS) was designed to operate it. Based on SOPS matching test and using the concept of sliding mode control design and Lyapunov synthesis approach, we propose an adaptive fuzzy sliding mode control (AFSMC) scheme for the class of nonlinear systems. This system is proved to be the superior concept in a safer and more intelligent automatic control. Fuzzy controller (FC) and dual-axis inclination sensor are employed for the control system, which automatically changes the motion of lifting equipment according to the inclination of the platform, in order to eliminate the non-level quickly. FC is accepted by the AFSMC scheme. A gate network is used to address the fusion of two sensors’ measurements and develops to recognize situation of level. Moreover, the FC with vibration avoidance is also researched in this paper. The system can achieve the synchronized drive accuracy of multi-point suspended platform. Furthermore, the influence of the disturbance signals and different protect time of eliminating flutter are evaluated in this paper.

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