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Color consistency for color marketing in electronic business system is one of important factors for online customers to choose products, so it is the key techniques to guarantee color consistency when color image transmit and converse among different color reproduction image devices in electronic business system. The paper, taking scanned input image for examples, advances a new color management model to keep color consistency through analyzing color rendering principle of scanners. First the parameters of Yule-Nielson equation are reinterpreted, making them can be used for non-printing dot image which only can be used for printing dot image originally; Second, standard color target is taken for experimental and color blocks in color shade district is taken to substitutes for complete color space which solves the difficulties of experimental color block selecting; Third, Yule-Nielson equation is used to deduce the model for scanner color management gradually though single color, double color and tricolor conversion correction, and polynomial curve generation algorithm is designed to fit error curve of single color, double color and tricolour. Finally, the experimental results show that the model can improve scanner color management accuracy and can guarantee color consistency for scanner in its engineering application.

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