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Traditional logistic systems in industries are normally built for different business processes of different companies. Industry always budgets high maintenance costs for his own management systems. Therefore, a RFID information system for logistic management based onWeb Service architecture is proposed in this research.Web Service structure can enhance the flexibility according to its service-oriented architecture (SOA), which can be used for designing all types of systems. The developed system Integrates RFID technology, Google maps, GPS/GIS, IP camera and information pushing technologies. A case study, to deploy the developed system into a company, is designed for testing the systems performance, named as RFID Management Information System (RMIS). The main advantages of this developed system are: 1. Enhance traditional logistic systems in industries by adapting Web Service architecture. 2. Integrating information and communication technologies with proposed system architecture based onWeb Services and SOA protocols. 3. By deploying RMIS into a company, the benefit of the system can be verified and the maintenance costs can be lower down.

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