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Bilinear pairings based on the Weil and Tate pairings over elliptic curves have been applied for constructive applications in cryptography protocol for years. Most protocol can be proved to be simplified or expanded using the mathematical structures of different types of pairings.In this paper,we applied parings to a remote attestation model,namely cloud based remote attestation(CBA).We give all the detailed algorithms of it and it can guarantee the private of cloud service and solve authorization auditing mechanisms in cloud environment. The bilinear pair can shorten the required key length and reduced bandwidth usage. It meets the requirements of the trusted computing remote attestation and cloud environment at the same time and the virtual TPM structure fulfills the need of standard cloud computing secure measure, such as duty separation. What’s more, we prove the scheme is correct and secure under the LRSW assumption, and give the costs comparison between the classic remote attestation, BPBA and CBA which show CBA costs lowly.

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