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In this paper, a multi-hop routing algorithm based on integrated metrics (MRIM) was proposed for wireless sensor networks by research current routing algorithms. The core of MRIM has two parts as following. Firstly, a clustering algorithm based on time delay (CATD) was presented. By simulation it has verified the CATD clustering algorithm having more obviously improvement on the network performance, comparing with the algorithm for LEACH and the based on the timer of clustering algorithm for TB-LEACH. Secondly, the algorithm of the CATD is improved in cluster data transmission phase after the cluster heads are selected, called MRIM, which can be used in large scale. In the algorithm, it makes the equal distributed cluster-heads of the network into constructing a routing tree by means of the multi-hop transmission way so that this may reduce the number of cluster head nodes, when it communicates directly the base station (BS). Furthermore it reduces the network energy and cost. Meanwhile, the algorithm also limits the distance of the shortest forwarding multi-hop routing so as to reduce the overhead of intermediate nodes in the circuit and the number of multi-hop forwarding of data, save the network energy consumption, weaken the ”hot spot problem” of the network. Simulation results demonstrate that MRIM can save energy and balance the network load and obvious improve the network lifetime.

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