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New applications such as video conferencing and voice over IP present many challenges to the design of mobile networks. The mobile networks are constantly changing. The latest devices like smart phones, personal digital assistants, and mobile enabled laptops such as Windows Mobile and Windows Phone are truly able to deliver on any mobile broadband. As a July 2010 study by ERICSON, one of the top tier infrastructure suppliers for mobile networks shows, there are approximately five billions cell phone lines in the globe. This survey estimates 3.4 billion smart phone users in 2015. Thus, the Internet service providers must deliver a high quality of service to the customers. The key factor in quality of service is optimization for bandwidth allocation. Various queuing algorithms can be used in case of mobile IPv6 to control bandwidth allocation for instance. In this paper, we present various queuing disciplines in mobile IPv6 network when traffic class field in IPv6 is set to reserved, that is, the packets need quality of service throughout, from source to destination.

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