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Beijing 100101 P. R. China


The system fault behavior model was investigated by the author first. System fault behavior model describes the occurrence and development process of malfunction in product, and analyzes the transmission process of unit malfunction in system and effects of various factors on system. In order to realize simulation of system fault behavior, it is necessary to perform formalized process of system fault behavior model, so as to acquire the mathematic description required by computer simulation. So the formalized description of fault behavior model (FBM) based on polychromatic sets theory was introduced. With consideration of the characteristics of model hierarchy and information variety of current fault behavior model, the method of polychromatic sets and polychromatic graph was adopted to describe the information such as objects, behaviors, restriction and relevant correlation in model. Formalized description of fault behavior model and convenient model for computer expression and operation were realized, which laid down a further solid foundation for simulation of system fault behavior.

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