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In this paper, SIMPLED algorithm, an improvement algorithm of SIMPLE, was developed, which is suitable for simulation of inner flow in centrifugal pumps. Based on the open source code OpenFOAM, a new solver was compiled by using new algorithm based on the original solver. To compare the efficiency and accuracy of SIMPLE and SIMPLED, the two algorithms were used to simulate the inner flow of centrifugal pumps with different specific speeds under the design condition. The results showed that under the same convergence criterion, the iteration time of SIMPLED was almost the same as SIMPLE. However, the head prediction discrepancy of the former was about 3% smaller than that of the latter, and the efficiency prediction discrepancy of the pumps, the decrease was about 2%. In order to further study the applicability of SIMPLED algorithm, the flow in a medium specific speed centrifugal pump under three flow rate conditions was simulated by these two algorithms. By comparison, it was found out that the SIMPLED algorithm was also more accurate than the SIMPLE algorithm for inner flow simulation at off-design conditions. Therefore, SIMPLED algorithm is a new efficient and exact modification of SIMPLE algorithm.

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