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Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) has emerged as a new technology dealing with the design of complex systems. MDO is employed in designing of diesel engine structure for improving the system performance in this paper. According to the analysis of the Distribution Cam Mechanism (DCM), ventilation, vibration and mechanical performance are selected as indicators. Basing kinematic analysis by ADAMS, the fullness coefficient, contact stress and the maximum acceleration performances are obtained. Under the environment of MDO, multi-objective genetic algorithm is used to overcome the difficulty of convergence in optimization of the DCM and obtain the best Pareto solution set. In addition, approximate model is proposed to improve the design process and proved to be efficiency. Finally, the results of multi-objective optimization are compared to single-objective optimization, which demonstrates that fullness coefficient and contact stress of the diesel engine DCM is improved greatly without reduce the ventilation performance. The effective and efficient collaboration mechanism for coordinating coupled disciplines in the process of diesel engine design and optimization is developed in this research, which owns a high theory and application value.

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