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Emotion feature extraction is the key to speech emotional recognition. And ensemble empirical mode decomposition(EEMD) is a newly developed method aimed at eliminating emotion mode mixing present in the original empirical mode decomposition(EMD). To evaluate the performance of this new method, this paper investigates the effect of a parameters pertinent to EEMD: speech emotional envelope. Firstly, a speaker emotional envelope features extraction based on EEMD is proposed in the paper. Using the piecewise power function in speech emotional envelope has a better effect in emotional identification. At the same time, the proposed technique has been utilized for classification of four kinds of emotional(angry, happy, sad and neutral) speech signals. Emotional intrinsic mode functions(IMFe) are obtained by empirical mode decomposition on emotional speech signals, the fast fourier transform(FFT) of each intrinsic mode function is extracted as the emotional feature coefficient which is used in speaker emotional identification applying by vector quantization. MATLAB is used to calculate the characteristic of emotional speech signals using empirical mode decomposition (EEMD). We obtain an emotional envelope by transforming the IMFe of emotional speech signals, and obtain a new method of emotion recognition according to different emotional envelop feature vectors. The results indicate the proposed method works well in speaker emotional identification.

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