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P. R. China


Analysis of CO-OFDM single-mode optical fibre transmission system model, studied the timing deviation on the system synchronization performance, and used the Zadoff-Chu pilot sequence to realize the system synchronization, and concludes that the four QAM is to achieve 100 Gbps long distance transmission of the optimal modulation mode. In addition, the Zadoff-Chu pilot frequency sequence also has a constant amplitude, zero auto correlation properties, which can reduce the amplifier nonlinear effects, improve the performance of channel estimation. Based on Optisystem software simulation platform, built based on the CO-OFDM technology transfer rate for 100 Gbps long distance transmission system simulation system, and research the transmission distance for 1000 km error performance and the relationship between the transmission power.We research in single channel transmission andWDM transmission system of the two cases, random filling and consistent filling effect the performance of the system.

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