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Mobile communication and Internet are the most thriving industries in the 21st century. They tend to integrate recently. Human beings are used to construct a beautiful dream in communication: An internet service which can be enjoyed by a mobile and dexterous device. This article explores the demand of 3G cell phone consumers in Taiwan from the angle of technical management. Here we use the method of statistical theory and electrical machinery communication background to explain it. We also make the further market classification for the consumer. The findings have classified three clusters, VIP gold customer group possesses 34% most races grouping in earlier period which emphasized for the technical management. This cluster has a quantity demand to network, also is highly relative in each kind of function demands. We should pay attention to the degree of satisfaction from the consumer of this cluster. The population variable in this cluster, which the proportion is high in the transaction officer and the housekeeper, the age between 18∼34 year-old, the scholarship is college, the incomes each month is above NT$50,000, the female possess the most proportion, therefore, by higher proportion to these variables, we could propose the special marketing project and the cell phones with the corresponding functions. By taking the chance, we can construct the 3G communication tyrant industry.

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