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The quality of mesh generation is very important for the computational simulation of the double channel pump. According to the special characteristics of the double channel pump, there exist a great amount of poor-quality elements, most of which are so called Sliver elements, generated by the tetrahedral mesh generation algorithms of Advancing Front Technique (AFT) and Delaunay Triangulation. By studying the type, distribution and reason of the badly shaped elements, a method to eliminate these Sliver elements was proposed. Then this method was combined with advanced optimization-based smoothing, Laplacian smoothing and swapping optimization to optimize the tetrahedral mesh. The computer language C++ is applied to develop the algorithms. Computational experiments of a double channel pump shown that the worst elements can be removed and the whole quality can be improved noticeably. After comparing the result of numerical simulation with that of the experiment, it is believed that the tetrahedral mesh optimization algorithm can satisfy the computational simulation of the double channel pump.

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