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We study the dynamics of a two-qubit system coupled through time dependent anisotropic XYZ Heisenberg interaction in presence of a time varying non-uniform external magnetic field. Exact results are presented for the time evolution of the system under certain integrability conditions. Furthermore, the corresponding entanglement of the system is studied for different values of the involved parameters. We found that the time evolution and different properties of entanglement such as amplitude, frequency and profile can be finely tuned by the interplay of the characteristics of the time-dependent magnetic field and exchange coupling. Also we show how the discrete symmetries of the system Hamiltonian, which splits its Hilbert space into two distinct subspaces, can be utilized to deduce the dynamics in one of its two distinct subspaces from the other one. Moreover, approximate results for the time evolution are provided utilizing the rotating wave as well as the perturbation approximations for the special case of either static magnetic field or exchange coupling. We compare the range of validity of the two approximation methods and their effectiveness in treating the considered system and determine their critical parameters.

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