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This report regarded Shanghai habitants as research targets on the foundation of a survey about the follow-up effect on city and society which was exerted by 2010 world Expo. 1213 Shanghai habitants had been interviewed during the measurement. After having analyzed the factors, we found that theWorld Expo had a strong follow-up effect on the society. It mainly enhanced the notability of Shanghai all over the world, promoted the communication in the field of science, technology and culture. Moreover, it established the image of Shanghai as ‘city of MICE’ and enriched cultural knowledge about different places. We can find out abundant resources of theWorld Expo, at the same time, we can make the world know more about China. You can experience different customs and culture from different countries/places and the resources overseas. In addition, it had an educational effect on local habitants and it helped to protect and promote Chinese culture. It also contributed to enhance the relationships among the habitants, visitors and tourists. You could also enjoy a novel experience. Last but not least, people would have opportunities to witness both the positive factors from lots of performance in the Expo and negative factors from the increasing crime rate, the conflicts between the inside and outside and the negative impact which the traditional culture have suffered from. The cluster analysis fully demonstrated that the positive follow-up effect of the World Expo on city and society was recognized by the habitants who had been interviewed while the negative ones were realized as well. Thus, relative administration sections of the Shanghai government should make effective public policies without delay, lead the enduring development of the positive follow-up effect of the World Expo, and minimize the negative effect at large

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