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With the development of grid computing, cloud computing and other large distributed network technology, users need them to provide services of unlimited space and unlimited speed. In order to meeting this request of users, all the domains in these large distributed networks need coordination for each other. For ensuring the safety to access resources in all domains, we propose a crossdomain union authentication scheme.We compute a large prime cyclic group by elliptic curve, and use the direct decomposition of this group to decompose automorphism groups ,and design an signcryption scheme between domains by bilinear of automorphism group to achieve cross-domain union authentication. This scheme overcome the complexity of certificate transmission and bottlenecks in the scheme of PKI-based, and it can trace the entities and supports two-way entities anonymous authentication, which avoid the domain certificate authority counterfeiting its member to access cross-domain resources. Analyses show that its advantages on security and communication-consumption.

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