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P. R. China


Interval number is a useful tool to handle the uncertainty brought by human factors in multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) process. When faced with MCDM problems in real-world, the experts may be uncomfortable giving precise upper and lower bounds of the interval ratios on multi-criteria. Based on the reciprocal judgment matrices given by the experts through pairwise comparisons, the satisfaction degree of the multiple alternatives on single criterion is defined and the interval ratios was elicited by a linear programming model. The TOPSIS and VIKOR methods are extended with interval number and algorithmic E-VIKOR and E-TOPSIS methods are proposed. Finally, a numerical example of ranking indirect-fire weapon system alternative is given and a comparative experimental study is carried out based on the experts reciprocal judgment matrices generated by Monte Carlo simulation. The result illustrates the feasibilities and distinctive features of the two algorithmic methods.

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