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In order to make a great contribution for the breakthrough and fill gaps in field of radiation by electron bunch in poloidal magnetized plasma, judgment criterion of Cherenkov radiation by an accelerated electron bunch moving in Hermitian medium of poloidal magnetized plasma are presented in the paper. Through establishment of experimental model of Hermitian medium, radiation mechanism is analyzed. Eigenvalues are obtained. Through analysis of eigenvalues, dispersion relation is derived.Meanwhile, generation condition of Cherenkov radiation is summarized. It is found that plasma frequency affect the eigenvalue. However, only when cyclotron frequency is large enough, it can also affect the eigenvalue greatly. Finally, under the premise of fulfillment of judgment criterion of Cherenkov radiation, frequency dependence of Cherenkov radiation angle is achieved by computer calculation. The theoretical analysis and calculation will provide for further research of the new type UWB microwave radiator.

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