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Aiming at problems that elevator security risk research works mainly focus on safety evaluation with less consideration of the risk factors contributing to the accidents mechanism. This paper proposes the method of fault tree analysis (FTA), and introduces the fuzzy numbers in order to improve the reliability of safety risk analysis. Fault Tree Analysis addresses the internal mechanism of the elevator accident caused by risk factors, and crucial aspects of accident control. Moreover, it assesses the probability of accidents more accurately. Then, the triangular fuzzy number (TFN) is taken to address the problem of no statistical probability or imprecise probability of data processing during the process of accident analysis, and improves the reliability of the analysis. Practical application shows that this method can obtain the clear pivotal factors affecting the elevator safety accidents and provide a reliable assessment of an accident probability. At the same time, it facilitates the proposing of risk prevention and controlling measures which enhances the safety management level of the elevator effectively.

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