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Product functional analysis is the foundation of product modularization. Before product module division, function-related analysis of every component or function unit is necessary. As for completely innovative products, the traditional methods are consistent with the habits of designers mind and can help product innovation, while it is difficult to determine the function decomposition granularity. The issue of function decomposition granularity determination challenges the same for mature products. To achieve the function decomposition of made-products, bottom-up function decomposition are proposed and researched. Firstly, determine the possible function unit (bottom function) list for mature products. Secondly, cluster the function units to get their parent functions, and then execute iterated clustering of parent functions until the parent function is product overall function. Finally, products function tree is obtained to achieve function decomposition. In the proposed methodology, the function hierarchy matrix and function incidence matrix are defined to describe the function and the function unit table is built based on which the function units of products are achieved. The relationship between function units achieved above is expressed by using the function hierarchy matrix and function incidence matrix. The function incidence matrix is operated to get the function tree and function decomposition based on bottom-up method by using -intercept. The example shows this method is feasible and easier for programming in computer. Since function units are identified at the beginning, the issue of function decomposition granularity determination is solved.

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