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In traditional association rule mining algorithms, if the minimum support is set too high, many valuable rules will be lost. However, if the value is set too low, then numerous trivial rules will be generated. To overcome the difficulty of setting minimum support values, global and local patterns are mined herein. Owing to the temporal factor in association rule mining, an itemset may not occur frequently in the entire dataset (meaning that it is not a global pattern), but it may appear frequently over specific intervals (meaning that it is a local pattern). This paper proposed a temporal association rule mining algorithm for interval frequent-patterns, called GLFMiner, which automatically and efficiently generates all intervals without prior domain knowledge in an efficient manner. GLFMiner considers not only global frequent-patterns, but also local frequent-patterns. Using the same value of minimum support, it can locate many valuable temporal rules without losing the rules that traditional algorithms may find. Experimental results reveal that our novel algorithm mines more temporal frequent-patterns than traditional association rule mining algorithms and is effective in real-world applications such as market basket analysis and intrusion detection systems.

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