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Relations between rough sets and algebraic structures have been already considered by many mathematicians. Motivated by studying the properties of rough (m,n) bi-G -hyperideals in G -semihypergroups, we now introduced the notion of prime (m,n) bi- G -hyperideals in G -semihypergroups and investigated several properties of these prime (m,n) bi-G -hyperideals. Also we applied the rough set theory to these prime (m,n) bi-G -hyperideals and proved that the lower and upper approximation of a prime (m,n) bi-G - hyperideal is a prime (m,n) bi-G -hyperideal in a G -semihypergroup. In the end we established some results on rough prime (m,n) bi-G -hyperideals in the quotient G -semihypergroups.

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