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Tea garden tiller is one of the most widely used in China, which is indispensable equipment for soil tilling in tea garden. The performance of tea garden tiller is always focused on when being used. Meanwhile, researches on evaluating the performance of tea garden tiller have been rarely reported. So it is of importance to find a methodology to evaluate tiller’s performance. In this paper, the important indexes of tiller performances are presented firstly, including fuel consumption, cultivation time, cultivation depth, cultivation width and soil crushing ratio. Then these indexes for eight different types of cultivation machineries from home and abroad are experimented and detected. Thirdly, rough sets and radar chart are utilized for performance evaluation of cultivation machineries, where rough set theory is to determine the weight of performance index and radar chart for performance analysis. Finally, performance of cultivation machinery is analyzed based on radar chart, which can provide the convenience and proof of optimal cultivation machinery selection for farmers. The results of radar chart analysis show that operational performance of KAMA B is the best and Little White Dragon B stand the second place. In addition, from the performance analysis, the deficiencies of service cultivation machinery can be found and the improvements can be suggested.

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