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The kinematic design of mechanism is an important stage in the design methodology. A dexterous workspace for a manipulator is an outstanding characteristic that must be considered in it. Hence, a mono-objective constraint optimization problem (MOCOP) for the kinematic design of a manipulator with three revolute joints (3R robot), that fulfils a defined dexterous workspace, is formulated. The MOCOP is solved by proposing a mechanism in the differential evolution (DE) algorithm called exhaustive local exploitation mechanism with adaptive scale factor (ELEMAEF). This mechanism exhaustively exploits a local region in the search space with the information of the base and the difference vectors of good trial vector, in an attempt to generate better individuals in the same direction. In addition, the ELEMAEF guides the evolution of the population toward a better zone without sacrificing the search capabilities of the DE algorithm. A comparison of the DE algorithm with and without the ELEMAEF for this particular design problem is presented. The use of the ELEMAEF gives a superior performance in the DE algorithm.

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