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In this study, the manufacturing methods and imaging principles of cone-shaped arrays of micro-nano structure films were examined. Because optical films fabricated using cone-shaped arrays of micro-nano structures generate a double diffusion and produce diverse light effects on light sources, these optical films can be used effectively to enhance optical efficiency and can thus be used widely in liquid crystal displays. The experimental steps for producing cone-shaped arrays of micro-nano-structure films were as follows: First, a silicon wafer was spun off water, bake-dried, and applied with a photoresist coating, which was soft-baked on a hot plate. Next, the photoresist layer was exposed to light by using a stepper, and the wafer was then developed and hard-baked on a hot plate to produce cone-shaped arrays of micro-nano-structure films. This study proposes for the first time an exposure method applied on a wafer in which focus and exposure dosage of light are adjusted to produce films of cone-shaped micro-nano structures with distinct slopes. Using this method, films can be manufactured through micro-evolutionary changes in the array structure.

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