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Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANET) as a fundamental part of the future intelligent, which constitutes by communication between cars, cars and roadside node use a unified wireless communication network, it can transmit auxiliary driving or real-time information to avoid accidents, and can provide the operating convenience and security with people’s travel, so VANET routing protocols is crucial, especially the packet delivery ratio in protocol. Firstly, the traditional routing protocols in MANET is researched and the actual real movement of vehicles on the road is built for network simulation, all aspects of the performance of the AODV, DSDV and DSR routing protocols is analyzed in VANET environment, the result showed that the three classic routing protocols are not suitable for VANET with the characteristic of low packet transmission rate, high normalized routing load and large delay in the average end to end. Then, according to delay tolerant network (DTN) network topology can change dynamically over time to determine the appropriate case transmission path, and it can more effectively sends the packet to the destination, so the stored - carry - forwards mechanism as a design basis, the on-demand routing protocol DT-AODV based DTN is proposed, taking into account the variability of VANET when connected, a directed graph model is built in VANET modeled, and finally the detailed protocol is descripted. Experimental comparison shows that, DT-AODV is more suitable for VANET than other classical routing protocol in MANET.

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