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P. R. China


The efficiency of retrieval system is crucial for large-scale information retrieval systems. By analyzing the documents and the users query logs of a real search engine based on the Web caching, through a large number of statistical analyzed of user behavior and found that the search engine query terms entered by the user in the process of clicking and queries to the URL of the page showed a clear temporal locality, and the distribution of user queries characteristics meet power function and has a good self-similarity. In this paper,analyzed of the search engine ranking based on the user behavior investigated mass distribution of information on the website and use the URL into the mirror degree, directory depth parameters and other web related degree feedback,then a replacement algorithm for Web caching is proposed. Through the establishment of retrieval performance model for analysis and simulation results show that this approach under the search algorithm can effectively reduce the execution time of retrieval, and the optimal parameter selection for this blocking organization is discussed.

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