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With the development and application of cloud computing, cloud storage is becoming more and more popular with many organizations, but traditional principal-minor structure for cloud storage is at risk of single point of failure. Moreover, it has brought safety risk. Cloud storage security has become the key problem of restricting the development of cloud computing. The paper has a deep research of cloud storage structure and cloud storage security, proposes a entity authentication protocol for P2P cloud storage based on ternary Huffman Merkle hash tree (HuffMHT).This method using the concept of ternary HuffMHT can obtain an effective safe strategy. At the same time, symmetrical key algorithm and public key algorithm are just combined to reduce the authentication delay effectively and increase the network lifetime and enhances the security of the networks. Moreover, signatures of knowledge is used in this paper, which notes number of hash is reduced, the power which notes consume is debased, the network load is decreased. The performance of the system is discussed, and the encryption method has high efficiency and high security.

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