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Peoples Republic of China


In this paper, a mixed-model assembly system is modeled using ATPN (agent oriented timed Petri net) based on assembly resources classification. Firstly, the basic concepts and definition of ATPN is described. Secondly, with ATPN method introduced into mixed-model system research the modeling of a mixed-model assembly system is discussed. The development of an ATPN model for a MMAS consists of four phases: (1) agent-oriented assembly resources classification of MMAS, (2) development of universal ATPN model of each kind of assembly resource, (3) construction ofmixed-model assembly cell centering about assembly robots or humans, (4) construction of the MMAS model based on mixed-model assembly cell after analyzing the system requirements. Thirdly, by studying the transforming from AUML (agent Unified Modeling Language) model towards ATPN-based model and its simplification the ATPNbased interactive protocol model is constructed for a mixed-model assembly system. Meanwhile, based on ATPN the performance indicators of mixed-model assembly System are analyzed. Finally, an illustrative example of aMMAS in certain enterprise demonstrates the steps and effectiveness of this approach.

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