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The vineyard management is evolving from manual mode to automatic information management, especially in protected area culture mode. The conventional irrigation technology is a kind of the inefficient water usage technology. This paper developed PVIDSS: an irrigation system based onWireless Sensor Network (WSN) to provide an effective way to improve the irrigation efficiency. Firstly, the interview, survey and document review were carried out to identify the main factors affecting the vine’s growth and exact the system requirement, irrigation rules. Then, the architecture of PVIDSS was design based on the function requirement. Integrating the WSN based on ZigBee, the system monitors the key parameters of vineyard accurately, such as temperature and soil moisture, and calculates a precision irrigation based on field data and the rule of vine’s water requirement. The system test shows that the WSN-based decision support system is accurate in data processing and easy to install and configure, which supports the development of water-saving agriculture.