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Saudi Arabia


Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are energy constraint networks that require reliable data communication at a low cost of energy. Only one particular error correcting code (ECC) cannot be adopted for all applications and scenarios of WSNs. The use of a specific ECC depends on the requirements of the application and the constraints of the WSN. Hence it is very challenging to choose an optimum error correcting code for a WSN where both, the performance and energy consumption are taken into account. The selection of an optimum error correcting code for wireless sensor network has been widely studied by many researchers in the past but a standard is yet to be set. Therefore, we present a survey paper to provide reference of existing work on ECCs in WSN and help scholars find a standard ECC for WSNs.We survey different techniques used for error correction in WSNs. Furthermore we study the implementation strategies of error control techniques in WSNs and analyze some energy models to find the energy efficiency of different ECCs. The performance of various ECCs is evaluated on the basis of stated energy models and optimization criteria. Based on the comparison, we can identify the code that would be suitable for a particular implementation strategy.