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The Fuzzy Logic or the Fuzzy Logic Control is an Artificial Intelligence approach/technique, which is especially used for designing and developing intelligent controlling systems. It provides an effective and efficient method to simulate the human thinking and behaviors in order to ensure the related intelligent controlling structure. In this context, this paper introduces the FL-LAB v2: a software system, which can be used to design and develop different kinds of Fuzzy Logic inference and controlling systems, by using an easy-to-use, interactive and effective software environment. This software system is the second version of pre-introduced software system and it provides more predefined controls to adjust and realize basic features and functions of a typical Fuzzy Logic inference or control system, without having any foreknowledge about the related subject area. Furthermore, the software system has also been designed on simple but visually improved Windows-form application interfaces. Generally, FL-LAB v2 system is appropriate to be used by most people interested in the Fuzzy Logic and the Fuzzy Logic Control. It ensures an alternative approach to more technical programs based on the related approach/technique.