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Placement process is one of the vital stages in physical design. In this stage, modules and elements of circuit are placed in distinct locations according to optimization basis. Placement algorithms try to minimize the longest delay along the paths in the circuit and/or minimize the total wire length. So placement is an important step in circuit architecture. After it, we can reach to routing stage. It is known that particle swarm optimization (PSO) is one of the practical evolutionary algorithms for this kind of applications. In this project, a novel method for optimized module placement has been used. According to this process objectives in this issue were wirelength and overlap removal function, consequently we were forced to use multi-objective particle swarm optimization (MOPSO) in the algorithm. Structure of MOPSO is in a way that introduces set of answers, we had been tried to find a unique answer with minimum overlap. This algorithm has less run time as compared with other methods of placement, run time plays an important role in VLSI circuit design. Also the experiments on GSRC benchmarks show that the proposed algorithm is effective, and gives out many optional results for users choice in the physical design of VLSI circuits.